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Coyote Clean Up - Magma Mondays [Time No Place]

Coyote Clean Up from 100% Silk releases another mini-LP of sorts on the label Time No Place. The description of CCU’s output on the Time No Place website accurately sums up why I love this guy,”… warped tape bangers, casual chill outs, and car bumping cruisers. No rules and no regulations - just sound from and for modern times.”
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Metope - Black Beauty [Areal]

Areal co-founder, Michael Schwanen aka Metope, drop one of the better long players of the year. The fluidity and cohesion of each element throughout the tracks is remarkable. A shining example of “everything in it’s right place.” It does have to be said that these aren’t dancefloor bangers, far from it in fact. Some the tracks would work well in an opening set, others dove-tailed into an ambient selection and few pushing towards peak time. The LP does have some retro and indie vibes, so these will do well on the not-so-underground crowds as well.
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Simon Weiss - Wave [Rush Hour]

I always try to check Rush Hour but I must have been sleeping the week this one was released. All tracks have that retro vibe but they don’t feel dated at all. My favorite on here would have to be have to be Cassette because of the main synth line; I’m a sucker for that shit.
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Lamech - The Hypnagogic Toolkit [Gretta Cottage]

Gretta Cottage return with a new EP from Lamech. Ham N Funk and Misty Vegetable are pretty standard house affairs; the real gems here are the dubbed out following tracks, Second Skin Mist Vegetable Remix. Great tracks to liven up any warm up set.
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Kelpe - I Felt Fuzzy [Svetlana]

Kelpe with his first release on Svetlana takes us to a place to feel fuzzy. Sounding like a mix between Floating Points and Architeq but with a distinctive sound all his own. A sound that wraps you up in warm basslines and arped synths. Really groovy stuff..
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