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Kyle Hall - Perfect Sin EP [Wild Oats]

I profess I had never heard the name Kyle Hall linked to Detroit House music until very recently upon chancing an article on one of the many good electronic music blogs on that there Internet. Being a fan of Detroit House I dug deeper to understand who this guy is and what he's about and why the hell I hadn't heard of him before. In an interview, another one of those blogs states that he is only 18 and coveted by none other than Rick Whiite and Mike Huckaby as the next best thing. Ok so I guess I can be forgiven for not being able to trainspot, he's still a protegee. Since then his second release on Wild Oats caught my ear and I was completely mesmerised by his exquisite production skills and unique fusion of multiple genres into one distinct sound.

The main side of the EP holds a track called Perfekt Sin, which is a jazzy, noodly journey that ebbs and flows over one of the loosest yet sweetly arranged drum arrangements I've heard. There are some indescribable sounding chords that seem to warble and tinkle at the same time. The lead is may be onanistic to some but it takes me back to those days of moog noodles and blaze.

On the flip is a track called Lovekontrol, not sure about this kid's robot spelling technique but he certainly knows how to work and program a drum machine like a very quirky and possibly inebriated Jonny 5. That's probably not the best description as the arrangements do ooze deliberance but it's possibly the best analogy I can come up with. The track immediately made me perk up. It's a joyous soft reggae-infused number where the beats seem to trip over one another whilst some steel drum sounding chords can't help but put a smile on your face. It's full of melody and has a warm catchy saw bass that swings you into every slippy yet wonderfully placed beat. Is it a little bit cheesy or tongue in cheek? The cynics may say "perhaps". Do I love it? Yes.

Unfortunately for me the final track Oatnout is a let down. All the brilliance previously resonated comes to an end in a bit of a mess. The beats are just far to loose to even comprehend and the melody just doesn't make sense. So, Kyle Hall, excellent one minute but a little too experimental for my tastes the next. Overall a fantastic EP with two absolutely outstanding tracks and a name to check at the stores in the future.



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