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Blinders aren't just for Horses

There is loads of great music coming out of late and here are a few that piqued my interest. Enjoy.

1. Nacho Patrol - Futuristic Abeba EP [Kindred Spirits]

Nacho Patrol are an obscure 80's band who have only a few dusty tape reels of explosive wahwah funk riffs and juicy analog synthesizers to there name. The music was the lost soundtrack to a lost and never finished movie, titled "Italia Violenta." The reels were used in the making of release 13 on MinimalRome last December and now we have a second batch of music on Kindred Spirits. The man behind this music is Danny Wolfers (aka Legowelt), and regardless of concept the music is phenomenal. Gone are the sharp, abrasive, acidic rhythms and in come heap loads of funky keys over a jazzed out disco beat or to no beat at all. This is one of those EPs that needs to be heard and played, absolutely essential.

2. Kinoeye - Mean Old World [W.T. Records]

I found this because a new Stinkworx track is featured on the A side, which to be honest isn't his best effort (much better than most though, just not my thing). But, the B side is a whole nother story, detuned analog synths, off beat kicks, and a simple vocal. I love this track, I even tracked down an e-mail figuring it would be another vinyl only treasure to see if I could purchase a digi copy direct from the source. The source is, William T.Burnett , hailing from the borough of Brooklyn N., which is where the label came from. Much to my surprise it is available digi on Juno. Also, test pressing of the next release are already in the works so be on the lookout.

3. Stinkworx - Coelacanth [Strange Life]

This was released in December of last year and I have only recently stumbled upon it because it had a Syncom Data remix. Strange Life was started by Legowelt and has a decent size discography of mostly his analog experiements in different genres. Worth a look if you like electro from The Hauge or want a good place to start. The title track to this EP is what I think when I hear synthpop (regardless of what that title actually means) mainly due to the analog chords that sing a beatufully warm melody that tug on your heart. The other tracks are worth a listen.

4. Reggie Dokes - Dream Catcher (FCL Edit) [We Play House]

Sticking with the future retro vibes comes another stunning release by Reggie Dokes on the ever consistent We Play House record label run by San Soda. Reggie dropping his trademark obscure detroit funk over 9 minutes. Fans of recent EP on Clone Loft Supreme should definitely check this out.

5. Sleazy McQueen - Big Times Big Tings feat. DJ Itek and Q Burns Abstract Message (Buffalo Times Mix) [Hairy Claw]

Cole Medina and Sleazy McQueen are two names I don't know much about but it doesn't matter when the music is this good. This track was originally released in May with a Cole Medina remix titled Cole's Ska Mix which is a steppers dream. In July another set of remixers took the title track in various directions with varied success. The original is here which is fun party reggae track, The B Team remix doesn't really do anything for me, the Nick Chacona remix is pretty good and would fit well into lots of different sets, but the winner is definitely Cole's second remix title Buffalo Times Mix. Cole downplays the reggae tone out and injects a good dose of space funk, killer stuff.

6. Blue Daisy - Space Ex EP [Black Acre]

I found this on Boomkat described as, "It basically sounds like Flylo's 'Tealeaf Dancers' but with an instantly gratifying vocal that you'd normally associate with someone like Various Production in this context. The track breathes heavily with a beautifully subtle inhale/exhale compression technique lending a hazy balance of pressure undulating between spacious atmospheres and overcast tempestuousness until the fronts meet to precipitates a piquant Kraftwerkian melody." Gave 'er a listen and it is heavy, heavy, heavy. I haven't been grabbed from everyday life and swooped away to a far galaxy that quickly in time. Flip it over and you have another genre bending track, wonk made house, not unlike Floating Points et al, titled the Fall. It starts off with a nice broken beat passage and some crackly samples, then hits that 4/4 beat, great stuff. If some house producers don't start upping their game, I think the wonky heads are going to start pushing people out of the way.

7. Kassem Mosse - Untitled B1 [Workshop]

Workshop and Kassem Mosse do it again, with raw unadulterated house/techno hybrid, buy on sight.

8. Isolée - Albacares [Mule Electronic]

Regardless of what you think of the Diynamic release a few months ago, Isolée will once again be heard everywhere. Two meticulously crafted house tracks that I can't get enough of, get nice and then play this at -8, head trip like whoa. YOU NEED THIS IN YOUR LIFE. The title track has the most rediculous wind chime melody that piques it's head out a couple of times which is to die for.

9. Milton Bradley - Don't Phonk [Do Not Resist The Beat!]

Found this in a Marcel Dettman chart some time ago and it is one hell of a techno stomper. Little tweaks here and there but for the most part it's a straight techno tool, aceness.

10. Dan M. & James Braun - Lessons Part 2 [Mothership]

Jazzy tech house workout, fun stuff.

Five More Goodies…

11. JC Freaks - Source [Wandering]

12. RNDM - Third Hand Smoke [Laid] {Vinyl Only}

13. Kris Wadsworth - Haunted House [Boe]

14. Demetrio Giannice - Whatididwithmikeswavetoneno5 [Third Ear]

15. Marc Poppcke - Beatitude (Part 2) [Moonpool]
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