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John Roberts - Mirror [Dial]

If you're into Detroit styled house music and you haven't been living under a rock you should know John Roberts. This is his second release on the popular Dial Records imprint.

The title track leads of the EP with his signature rhodes grooves over his off kilter drum stick percussion while delayed synth bleeps carry the track along. Maroon is the second track which also has a heavy dose of rhodes over some more off kilter percussion, this time galloping it's way til the beat comes in. Once the track gets going it's lead by drum rolls the galloping percussion from the intro, it almost has a dub steppers rhythm. Not his best effort but just enough originality to make it worthy of a purchase. The final track, Pruned reminds me of Theo Parrish in an old western. The whistle like pads give it an odd show down style feel before it's paired with delayed strings and a meloncholic piano line. Slow and steady as she goes and it is a beautiful ride.

Robets is someone who even if I'm not 100% sure I understand what the intention is, I still buy because he has a sound all his own and it's always interesting. Be sure to look out for another EP of his being released on Laid, which is a sublabel of Dial.
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