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Loose Ties Mix 001 - Adamm Playing Favorites

This is the first of many mixes that will be posted on this here blog. Tracklist will be posted as soon as I type it out. Detroit beatdown sounds with stuff from Detroit and some wishing it was. Enjoy and feel free to leave a comment.


1. Theo Parrish - Dark Patterns [Peacefrog]
2. Mujaba - Malibu Stacey [Four Roses]
3. Tokyo Blackstar - Black Star feat. Rich Medina [Innervisions]
4. Outlines - Listen to the Drums (Jazzanova Remix) [Sonar Kollectiv]
5. Patchworks - Celebration (Slight Return) [Still]
6. Patchworks - Celebration (Amp Fiddler Instrumental Mix) [Still]
7. Scott Ferguson - Syquest Song [Ferrispark]
8. John Roberts - Sweat Me [Dial] - this may be a different track off the same EP
9. CB Funk - Deep Sea [Story]
10. Rick Wilhite - Ruby Nights (Gilb-r 'Solo Flight' Remix) [Third Ear]
11. Rondenion - Blue Rhodes Dance [Still]
12. ???

Next up in this series will be label head of Boe Recordings, Ben Parkinson.

Stay tuned.

LooseTiesMix001 by adamm
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