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The Dub Chronicles Part 01

In my neverending quest to find new music I have recently decided that house, techno, soul, and funk was not good enough, I have decided to dig a little deeper into all things dub. I was at this record store last Saturday and saw section of "Reggae/Calypso/Carribean" and thought it was worth a shot. I picked up a Bob Marley record, a dubplate, and some other popular group.

Thank god for the internet because I found some amazing resources for info, releases, mail order, etc. I've listed some of the good links below and will randomly update with specific dub/reggae business.

Archives/DJ Sets/News



Dagobah Sound System - Control
Disselecta: Josh Woods, dj: Rusty Belicek (2006)

1. Skatalites - Sealing Dub
2. Sir Niney's Rock - The Observer
3. King Tubby - Corn Man
4. Aggrovators - Rouger Version
5. Mackadub - Bradsta Re Dub
6. The Techniques - Find A Fool
7. The Scientist - Dance Of The Vampires
8. Prince Far I & The Arabs - A Message
9. Aswad - Natural Aggression
10. Joe Gibbs - Six Foot Six
11. Jacob Miller - Keep On Knockin Redub
12. The Scientist - Blacker Shade Of Dub
13. Upsetters - Kaya Dub
14. Yabba You - Chant Down Babylon
15. Johnny Clark - A Harder Version
16. Lee Perry - Heart Of The Dragon
17. King Tubby & Augustus Pablo - Braces Tour Dub
18. Gregory Icaacs - Leggo Beast
19. Coxsone Dodd - Tarus Dub
20. Dub Specialist - Rasta Man Version
21. Bad Brains - The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth
22. The Scientist - 1 Of Ten Dangerous Matches
23. JA is for Jamica
24. The Congos - Fisherman

Murray from Scotland

Big Youth - Waterhouse Rock (Groove Corporation remix)
Tena Stelin - Symbolic Dub
Prince Alla & Phillip Fraser - Black Rose
Oneness meets the UK Players - Jah Reigneth Dub (Dubplate Version)
Glen Brown & King Tubby - Version 78 Style
Jah Free - Rod of Correction
Jah Stitch - Ragga Muffin Style
Centry - Footpedal Dub
Cornell Campbell - Bandulu/Hard Time (Walkner.Mostl remix)
Hydroponics - Fighting
Impact Allstars - Dubwise Situation (Watershell remix)
Morwell Unlimited - Morwell's Theme
Prince Alla - Great Stone/Lots Wife (Dreadzone remix)
Scientist - Step it Up (Black Star Liner)
King Tubby & Santic Allstars - Shooter Dub
Impact Allstars fet. Tommy McCook - Jaro

King Tubby - Sneak Invasion Dub
Philip Smart - Cool this Dub
Scientist - Counter Intelligence Dub
King Tubby - Human Rights Dub
Scientist - King Tubby's Answer
Sly and the Revolutionaries - Acapulco Gold
Burning Spear and the Black Disciples - Marcus Children Suffer
I-Roy - Superfly (extended mix)
I-Roy and the Aggrovators - War and Friction
Prince Jammy and the Aggrovators - Drums of Africa
Charley Ace - Country Boy
Impact All-stars - S-Corner Dub
King Tubby and the Aggrovators - Dub fi Gwan
Linval Thomson - Jah Jah is a guiding star (Dubphonic version)
Keith Hudson - Savia (Henry & Louis version)
I-Roy - Look a Boom (Winston Blissett/John Tonks version)
Bush Chemist - Symbolic Dub
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